Escapism Deluxe

World premiered by Noisey

Swedish disco-pop band Ruby Empress release their first video for their single 'Escapism Deluxe'

"'Escapism Deluxe' is a song about the flamboyant New York disco scene that emerged in the 1970s and made such an impact on everything, and—a Millennium later—on us: Electric Circus, Cheetha, Fantasy, Studio 54 obviously, and later Arena, Limelight and the East Village clubs in the early 90s and many more," explain the band.

"Anyway, the bright and the dark of all of that, the breaking out, the up-side-down of things, the gap where you enter something where you can't tell if it's real or fiction—we told this to our friends at a film collective in Paris called Meskaprod, who we were hanging out with all the time, and they said they wanted to make a video of the song. They had their own idea, and we loved that, we've always trusted their aesthetics and creative mind. They had the cast and the people to do it. It was recorded in Paris with the amazing Maya Coline in the leading role. And we really didn't interfere at all in the process, just like we don't when someone makes a remix or creates some other art of their own. When it was done it was obvious that they captured the gap between reality and fantasy. They also seem to like kissing a lot, and so do we!"